About me

I love stories, human stories and stories about humans.

I was raised with a core sense of hospitality.

I was trained to see pragmatic opportunities in business and hospitality.

I learned the building blocks of a clear text and the strength of honest stories.

I learned how to balance business oriented and people oriented perspectives.

With what I learned I developed, and continue to expand, my own approach.

I discovered there’s something larger going on in the workplace. A change in the world of work

I am a thinker and a doer. Inventive, realistic, free from ineffective conventions. Not afraid to tell you the honest truth.

I offer you the additional expertise of my tribe, my network of related specialists. HR Communications, culture and change. Social media and software. Leadership coaches and recruiters. Dutch, English, international.

I find, share and create fresh ideas and insights into Work Floor Hospitality and the Future of HR. Not trends but durable insights for long term success.

I boost Work Floor Hospitality because I believe this is something every human being deserves.

I know this is the right way forward. More and more people are seeing this too, there’s a great deal of change in the air.

The value of kindness.

How about you? Ready to join in? I’d love to hear from you.

You’re welcome at work.

Yes, I agree!